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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good morning, welcome to work, and here's your gas mask.

I've had weird jobs before, where I got to do some strange things. I've worked with nutcases in prison. I've fondled antique weaponry. I've had to do research for a chapter in a book. However, my internship in the Regional Security Office is more than likely going to combine all of those skills and add more to them. See, my internship is in diplomatic security, which means that I'm part of the office that's in charge of security matters for the embassy, its personnel, and their residences, and obviously, one very key facet of all of that is counterterrorism.

I don't think it was until I signed for my gas mask and MK-1 injector kits that it really hit home that I wasn't exactly in Kansas anymore. I mean, sure, Brussels isn't exactly a hardship post, but it does provide its own unique security challenges. First off, there are three missions, meaning that whatever arrangements we make have to be tailored to each mission, which has its own individual needs and contingencies. USNATO isn't even located with everything else because it's across town. Then, there's the crazy situation in the office...everyone's either leaving, out sick, or coming in TDY. With one ARSO's departure, we're seriously going to be shorthanded as he takes most of the knowledge of the ongoing projects with him when he leaves for Chad. Of course, then, there's the construction in front of the consular section. Construction is always a security nightmare because all sorts of things can go wrong. Needless to say, it's literally crazy.

Anywhoo, Wednesday night saw us tromping around the inside of the Embassy throwing fireworks into the stair wells during a react drill for the Marine Security Guards. I got to wear a faux jihadi vest and carry a fake gun, and Stef had another one. He actually had a more impressive looking vest than I did, but he had no gun. The marines had to deal with us like we were real terrorists, which was fun. (They basically donned most of their full gear--one guy was wearing his shorts--and shoot us.)

After that, Thursday, I wandered over to a possible apartment as my housing kind of fell through. It was awful...1 bathroom for 10 people, most of whom were guys...tiny apartments and no light in the hallway. I'll admit, I wasn't expecting the Ritz, but someplace safe would have been nice. Needless to say, I turned that one down and am still looking for new housing.

Friday was uneventful--oh, and I've now seen an Aston Martin up close and personal-like. It's a very impressive vehicle!


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